About the Owner:

Photo Credit: Rashaad Kareem, @motivasun

I am Keisha Ravenell, the owner of We Inspire Brand. I created this brand to inspire and empower the black community through positive affirmations. The I Am Enough line is We Inspire Brand's best seller to date. I Am Enough was created after a difficult time in my life where I lacked self confidence and did not see my worth. Saying this positive affirmation daily helped me to see my self-worth again and I wanted others to wear this affirmation as a reminder of their self-worth.

The success from my clothing brand inspired me to begin teaching new and aspiring entrepreneurs how to start their own t-shirt business in order to make extra income and make money in their sleep. I am on a mission to teach hundreds of new entrepreneurs how to make an extra stream of income or make their apparel business their main income source. 

This success didn't come on my own. My very first t-shirt (now discontinued) was inspired by the Black Women in my life including my Mom, Grandmother, Aunt, as well as the other Black Women in my life. I love and appreciate my support system for all the love, inspiration, and encouragement. You all mean the world to me!